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Weather Forecasting And Its Classification

Weather forecast:
Means any advance information about the probable weather in future, which is obtained by evaluating the present and past meteorological conditions of the atmosphere is called weather forecast.
Agricultural weather forecast:
Forecasting of weather elements viz sunshine hours, occurrence of dew, relative humidity, rainfall, temperature, winds etc. Which are important in agriculture and for farming operations is known as agricultural forecast.
In weather forecasting the advance information of weather elements like distribution of rain fall, warming for heavy rain fall, temperature change important special hazardous  weather like if thunderstorm hailstorm, show or frost, sky cover, winds, humidity, dew drought, evaporation rate etc is provided.

Classification weather forecasting:
Weather forecasting on the basis of their validity periods or time scale is classified as follows :

1. Now casting:
It is based on synoptic situation prevailing at the time of forecasting and is valid up to 3 days on 72 hrs and is issued twice a day.

2. Short   range forecast (SRF):
It is based on synoptic situation prevailing at the time of forecasting and is valid     up to 3 days or 72 hrs. and are issued twice a day.

3. Medium range forecast (MRF):
Forecasting of meteorological elements over different agro climatic zones for periods ranging from3-10 days is known as medium range forecast.

4. Long range forecast (LRF):

The forecast valid for more than 10 days (i.e. a month or a season is knows as long range forecast.


Current Category » Agricultural Meteorology