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Production Technology of Horticultural Fruit Crops

1. Definition of Horticulture
2. Branches and Sub-branches of Horticulture
3. Importance of Fruit Growing
4. Importance of Fruit as Food
5. Scope of Fruit Production
6. Climatic Zones of Horticultural Crops
7. Area and Production of Different Fruit Crops
8. Problems Areas to Improve Fruit Production
9. Selection of Site
10. Factors to be considered while Selecting the Site for Fruits
11. Factors to be considered while Selecting the Site for Fruits
12. Preliminary Operation in Fruit Production Site
13. Fencing to Fruit Production Area
14. Wind Breaks
15. Shelter Belts
16. Preparation of Layout for Fruit Production Unit
17. High Density Planting
18. Planning of an Orchard
19. Different Methods of Planning Orchard
20. Planting and Selection of Plants for Orchard
21. Propagation Methods in Plants
22. Sexual Propagation in Plants
23. Asexual Propagation in Plants
24. Plant Propagation by Cottage
25. Plant Propagation by Layering
26. Difference between Layering and Cutting
27. Plant Propagation by Specialized Structures
28. Grafting
29. Why Grafting and Budding
30. Methods of Grafting
31. Budding
32. Mist Propagation
33. Micro Propagation
34. Methods of Micro-propagation
35. Use of Rootstock in Fruit Crops
36. Limits of Grafting and Budding
37. Training and Pruning of Fruit Crops
38. Training of Fruit Crop
39. System of Training for Fruit Crops
40. Other Methods of Training in Fruit Crops
41. Pruning of Fruit Crop
42. Difference Between Training and Pruning
43. Use of Growth Regulator in Fruit Production
44. Use of Growth Regulators in Horticultural Crops