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» Introduction to Horticulture
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Ornamental Horticulture

1. Definitions in Ornamental Horticulture
2. Importance and Scope of Floriculture Gardening
3. Principal of Designing a Garden
4. Points to be Considered in Laying Out a Garden
5. Types of Garden
6. Types of Garden based on Lay-out
7. Garden Styles of the World
8. Features of Garden
9. Landscaping
10. Landscaping of Home
11. Landscaping of Educational Institute
12. Landscaping of City Parks
13. Landscaping for Industries
14. Road Side Landscaping
15. Study of Important Flowering Annuals
16. Study of Important Flowering Biennials
17. Study of Important Flowering Perennials
18. Trees, Shrubs and Climbers
19. Palms and their Uses in Garden
20. Types of Palms
21. Indoor Gardening
22. Care of Indoor Plants
23. Ecological Requirement of Cactus
24. Some of the Commonly Grown Cactus
25. Some of the Common Succulents
26. Bulbous Plants
27. Importance of Bulbous Plants
28. Depth for Planting of Bulbous
29. Some of the Important Bulbous Plants
30. Lawn and Preparation of Lawn
31. Method of Planting of Lawn
32. Maintenance and Manuring of Lawn
33. Rockery
34. Fountain
35. Bonsai and Criterion for Selecting Plants for Bonsai
36. Classification of Bonsai
37. Ikebana
38. General Rules and Basic Styles of Ikebana
39. Morimono
40. Hanging Basket
41. Importance of Rose
42. Classification of Rose
43. Forms of Rose Flowers
44. Roses for Exhibition
45. Characteristics of Roses Grown for Cut Flowers or Vase Decoration
46. Varieties of Rose
47. Pest and Diseases of Rose
48. Package of Practices for Growing Chrysantheum (Shevanti)
49. Importance and Uses of Chrysanthemum
50. Some Horticultural Practices for Cultivation of Chrysanthemum
51. Important Groups and Varieties of Chrysanthemum
52. Package of Practices for Growing Jasmines
53. Package of Practices for Growing Aster
54. Package of Practices for Growing Gladiolus
55. Importance and Uses of Gladiolus
56. Varieties of Gladiolus
57. Package of Practices for Growing Marigold
58. Package of Practices for Growing Tuberose
59. Package of Practices for Growing Crossandra
60. Package of Practices for Growing Carnation
61. Classification of Carnation
62. Package of Practices for Growing Orchids
63. Importance and Uses of Orchid
64. Pests and Diseases of Orchid
65. Package of Practices for Growing Anthurium
66. Pest and Diseases of Anthurium
67. Package of Practices for Growing Gerbera
68. Procedure for Bonsai Preparation
69. Diseases and Pests of Gerbera
70. Package of Practises for Growing Roses
71. Package of Practices for Growing Dahlia
72. Morphology and Classification of Dahilas