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» Introduction to Entomology
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Introduction to Entomology

1. Defination of Taxonomy, Systamatics Classification of Insects
2. Binomial Nomenclature in Entomology
3. Importance of Insect Taxonomy in Economic Entomology
4. Bases of Insect Classification
5. Classification of Insects Based On Morphological Characters
6. Characteristics of Insect Class Insecta
7. Characteristics of Insect Class Apterygota
8. Characteristics of Insect Class Pterygota
9. Characteristics of Insect Class Exopterygota
10. Characteristics of Insect Class Endopterygota
11. Study of Techniques of Collections of, Pinning and Preservation of Insects
12. Plant Protection Equipment: Dusters
13. Plant Protection Equipment Sprayers
14. Plant Protection Equipments: Aerosols, Insecticide Smokes, Vaporizers
15. Other Equipments for Plant Protection
16. Pesticidal Formulations and Other Formulations and Their Applications in Field
17. Handlings of Pesticides
18. First Aid Precautions In Case of AID Precautions in Case of Pesticide Poisoning
19. Antidotes in Case of Pesticide Poisoning
20. Calibration of Pesticides for Field Use
21. Species of Silk Worm
22. Sericulture Equipments and their Uses
23. Biology of Silk Worm
24. Cultivation of Mulberry Plants
25. Rearing Techniques of Mulberry Silk Worm
26. Diseases and Enemies of Silk Worm
27. Species of Honey Bees
28. Newton’s Bee Hive
29. Other Accessories for Bee Keeping
30. Use of Honey, Bee’s Wax and Honey Bee
31. Enemies and Diseases of Honey Bees
32. Lac-Culture, Its Hosts and Methods of its Inoculations