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» Introduction to Extention Education
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Introduction to Extention Education

1. Importance and Scope of Extension Education
2. Objectives of Extension Education
3. Principles of Extension Education
4. Philosophy of Extension Education
5. Early Efforts in Extension Education
6. Etawah Project
7. Nilokheri Project
8. Gurgaon Experiment
9. Shriniketan Attempt
10. Sewagram Attempt
11. Marathandam Attempt
12. Meaning and Types of Education
13. Formal Education
14. Non Formal Education
15. Informal Education
16. Difference between Formal and Extension Education
17. Extension Teaching and Learning
18. Extension Teaching
19. Extension Learning
20. Steps in Extension Teaching
21. Extension Teaching Methods
22. Functions of Extension Teaching Methods
23. Objectives of Extension Teaching Methods
24. Classification of Extension Teaching Methods
25. Rural Development
26. Objectives of Rural Development
27. Extension Approach to Rural Development
28. Training approach to Rural Development
29. Cooperative Self Help Approach to Rural Development
30. Integrated Rural Development Approach
31. Rural Development Programme
32. Community and Community Development
33. Origin of Community Development and Etawah Pilot Project
34. Objectives of Community Development
35. Community Development and Panchayat Raj
36. Gram Panchayat
37. Functions of Gram Panchayat
38. Sources of Fund to Gram Panchayat
39. Panchayat Samiti
40. Functions and Powers of Panchayat Samiti
41. Zilla Parishad
42. Functions and Powers of Zilla Parishad
43. Important Features of Panchayat Raj System
44. Extension Organization in Panchayat Raj Samiti
45. Training and Visit System
46. Salient Features or Distinguishing Characters of Training and Visit System
47. Organizational Structure of Training and Visit System
48. Objectives of Training and Visit System