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Current Category » Crop Production - Rabi Season

Botanical Name and Economic Uses of Chilli (Red Pepper)

Local Name : Mirchi, Lal mirach, Mirchya

Family: Solanaceae

Botanical Name: Capsicum annuam

Origin: Brazil

Economic Uses:

1. Chilli is an important cash crop in India and is grown for its pungent fruits.
2. Both green and red (Ripe) Chillies are used to impart pungency to the food.
3. Red chilli powder is used as condiment in every Indian household.
4. Green chillies of some varieties are used as vegetable.
5. It is also used for preparation of chutnees, masala, sauces and pickles.
6. It is rich source of vitamin C.
7. There is demand for export of raw chillies and chilli powder.
8. Extract of green chillies can be used as bio-insecticide.

Current Category » Crop Production - Rabi Season