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Ecological Requirement for Chilli Cultivation

A) Climatic Requirement for Chilli Cultivation:

1. Chilli is a tropical and sub-tropical crop.
2. It requires warm and humid climate during vegetative growth and dry climate during maturity.
3. The optimum temperature range for proper germination and growth is between 100C to 300C.
4. The rainfall requirement is 625 to 1500 mm/year.
5. Heavy rains, cloudy weather at the time of flowering and fruiting is harmful as it favours the dropping of flowers and fruits.
6. Fruit colouring is delayed due to high light intensity.

B) Soil Requirement for Chilli Cultivation:

1. Chilli crop can be grown on light to heavy black soils.
2. But well drained loamy soil, rich in organic matter gives higher yield.
3. The acidic and lime rich soils are also suitable for cultivation of chilli.
4. For rainfed chilli crop well drained, fertile black cotton soils having better moisture retentive capacity are most suitable.

Current Category » Crop Production - Rabi Season