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Classification of Herbicide Based on Chemical Nature or Composition

Compounds having chemical affinities are grouped together. This is useful in liting and characterising herbicides.

i) Inorganic Herbicides:

Contain no carbon actions in their molecules. These were the first chemicals used for weed control before the introduction of the organic compounds, example are:

a) Acids:

Arsenic acid, arsenious acid, arsenic trioxide sulphuric acid.

b) Salts:

Borax, copper sulphate, ammonium sulphate, Na chlorate , Na arsenite , copper nitrate.

ii) Organic Herbicides:

Oils and non oils contain carbon and hydrogen in their molecules.

a) Oils: Diesel oil, standard solvent, xylene-type, aromatic oils, polycyclic , aromatic oils etc.

b) Aliphatics:

Dalapon, TCA, Acrolein, Glyphosphate methyl bromide.

c) Amides:

Propanil, butachlor, alachlor, CDAA, Diphenamide, Naptalam, Propachlor.

d) Benzoics:

2,3,6 TBA, Diacamba, tricamba, chloramben, Fenac.

e) Bipyridyliums:

Paraquat , diquat.

f) Carbamates:

Propham, chloropham, barban.

g) Thocarbamates:

Butylate, dilate, triallate, EPTC, molinate, pebulate, vernolate, benthlocarb, aslum, cycolate.

h) Dithiocarbamates:

CDEC , Metham.

i) Nitralin ( Benzonitrates) :

Dichlobenil , bromoxynil, ioxynil.

j) Ditroanilines ( Toluidines) :

Benefin, nitralin, trifluralin, butralin, dinitramine, fluchlorine, oxyzalin, penoxalin.

k) Phenoxy:

2,4-D, 2,4 , 5-T, MCPB, 2,4-DB, 2,4- DP, 2,4 , 5-TP (silvex)

l) Triazines:

Atrazine, simazine, ametryne , terbuteryne, cyprazinc, Metribuzin, prometryn, propazine.

m) Ureas:

Monuron, diuron, fenuron, neburon, flumeturon, mothabenzathiazuron- buturon, chlorbromuron, chloroxuron, norea siduson, metoxuron.

n) Uracils:

Bromacil, terbacil, lenacil.

o) Diphenyl Ethers:

Nitrogen, flurodifen.

p) Organic Arsenicals:

Cacodlic acid, MSMA, DSMA.

q) Others:

Bentazon, Piclaram, Pyrazon, Pyrichlor, endothall, bensulphioe, MH, DCPA.

Current Category » Weed Management