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Current Category » Weed Management

Classification of Herbicides According to Their Use or Mode of Action (Physiological)


I) Selective:

a. Foliage Application

1. Contact:

ii) Propanil
iii) EPTC
iv) Nitroten

2. Translocated

i) 2,4-D,
ii) 2,4,5-T
iv) MCPA
v) Silvex( 2,4 ,5TP)
vi) Propanil
vii) Monuron
viii) MSMA

b) Soil-(Root) Application:

ii) TCA
iii) Nitrofen
iv) Dinitrophenols
v) Butachlor
vi) Simazine
vii) Atrazine

II) Non-Selective:

a) Foliage Application:

1. Contact:

i). Paraquat
ii). Sulphuric acid
iii) Sodium arsenite
iv) Ammate

2. Translocated:

i) Dalapon
ii) Acid Arsenical
iii) Sodium chloride
iv) Glyphosate

b) Soil Application (Root):

Soil Fumigants:

i) Cyanamide
ii) Methyl bromide
iii) Carbon disulphide
iv) Trifluralin

Soil Sterillont

i) TCA
ii) Sodium Chloride
iii) Boron
iv) Dluron
v) Monuron
vi) Atrazine
vii) Fenac

Current Category » Weed Management