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Current Category » Weed Management

Classification of Herbicides Based on Time of Application

a) Pre-Planting/ Pre-Sowing

ii) Monuron
iii) Diuron
iv) Fenuron
v) Sodium Chloride
vi) Arsenic
vii) Boron

b) Per-Emergence:

i). Simazine
ii) Atrazine
iii) Nitrofen
iv) Alachlor
v) Butachlor
vi) EPTC

c) Post-Emergence:

i) 2,4,D
ii) 2,4,5-T
iii) MCPA
iv) MCPB
v) Propanil
vi) Dalapon
vii) Glyphosate
viii) Silvex
ix) MSMA

a. Pre-Planting:

These herbicides are applied before a crop is planted are called pre-planting herbicides. The herbicides is usually incorporated into the soil to reduce volatility and photo decomposition. E. g Paraquat , Basalin.

b. Pre- Emergence Herbicides:

Pre-Emergence herbicides is most effective when applied before the emergence of crop and weeds or the term may also refer to herbicides use after weed has emerged or established but before crop emerge E ,g Simazine, Atrazine.

c. Post-Emergence Herbicides:

Post-Emergence herbicides are most effective applied after the emergence of crop and weeds or this term may also refer to herbicides use after crop has emerged but before weeds emerge. E. g 2,4-D , Dicamba ( Banvel) etc.

Current Category » Weed Management