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IIIrd Group Herbicide - Herbicide Combinations or Herbicide Mixtures

Herbicide combination or mixtures are used for effective and economical weed control. In this method two or more herbicides are used. Herbicide combination after certain advantages like broad spectrum of herbicidal action. Synergistic or active effects, prevention of detoxication of one of the herbicide in the mixture, reduction of the doses of the herbicides etc.

There are two Types of Herbicide Mixtures:

1) The tank mixtures made with desired herbicides and rates just before application.
2) The concocted herbicide mixtures formulated by the companies at the time of manufacturing.

Herbicides Mixtures and Their Effect on the Weed Control:

Herbicide Mixture

Trade Name


Weeds Killed

MSMA + Barban



Wild Oat and Green foxtail millet and dicot weeds

Atrazine + Metalachlor



Monocot and Dicot weeds

Dicamba + MCPA

Dialemt - D


Most of the weeds

2, 4-D amine + Dicamba



Effective on weeds resistant to 2, 4-D

Mecoprop + Dicamba



Effective on weeds resistant to 2, 4-D

Current Category » Weed Management