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Current Category » Weed Management

Chemical Weed Control in Spices and Condiments

1) Coriander and Cumin:

Fluchloralin or Pendamethline @ 1.5 kg a .i /ha pre plant incorporation or pre emergence spray.

2) Chillies:

Fluchloralin  @ 1.5 kg a .i /ha as pre plant incorporation or pre –emergence spray.


Alachlor @ 2 kg a. i /ha as pre-emergence spray.

3) Tobacco:

Fluchloralin @ 1.5 kg a .i /ha.


Benthiocarb @ 0.75 kg a .i /ha.

Apply about 8 days before transplanting when sufficient moisture is present in the soil. If it is combined with one or two hoeing then effective for controlling the weeds emerging after about 4 to 5 weeks.

For control of Orobanche spp. in tobacco use glyphosate 0.2 kg and MH 0.7 kg a.i /ha as post emergence directed spray. Two spraying at about 40 and 60 days after transplanting are needed for control of Orobanche.


Current Category » Weed Management