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Control of Weed - Cynodon Dactylon L. (Hariali, Bermuda grass, stargrass , Doobgrass)

Hariali is a perennial grass with long runners which strike roots at the nodes and extensive underground rhizomes. It occurs throughout the tropical, subtropical and semi-arid regions of the world. It is one of the world’s worst weeds. It is susceptible to competition and shading.

Control Measures Cynodon Dactylon: 

1) It is found difficult to eradicate this noxious weed by manual , chemical or mechanical means and also costly. Hence an integrated approach is needed for its control.
2) Summer tillage by Ploughing is a normal practice to check its growth and spread.
3) Glyphosate @ 1.5 kg/ha give a good control Dalapon is applied twice, just after the rabi crop harvested and before monsoon to ensure its control.
4) As pre-emergence Atrazine can also be used. Paraquat 1kg /ha is applied 2 weeks before summer tillage to suppress the growth of hariali.
5) A combination of MCPA + ACPB @ 0.25 kg ai/ha each is found to be best in controlling this weed.
6) 2,4-D + Dalapon @2 kg /ha in 800 litres of water can be spread into the soil immediately after ploughing.
7) Simazine + Atrazine @ 2 kg /ha as pre-emrgence application followed by post emergence of Dalapon @ 4.5 kg/ha give 90% control of Hariali.
8) By growing competitive crops like sanhemp , cowpea, etc can suppress the growth of weeds.

Current Category » Weed Management