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Control of Weed - Parthenium Hysterophorus (Rag Weed, Congress Grass, Gajar Gavat, Carrot Grass, Chatak Chandani)

It is pernicious exotic American Weed. In our area, due to profuse growth, fast multiplication, rapid spread, agricultural and health hazards. It has dominant characters such as prolific seed bearing, rapid dissemination and effective spread all over. Once it is established it does not allow other plants to grow due to grow due to toxic secretion from roots. This is a highly troublesome weed which has nuisgance value.

Control Measures:

1) It needs integrated approach, involving mechanical, cultural, chemical, biological and social measures. All concerned efforts are needed towards its eradication.
2) It can be controlled in early stage by complete uprooting by mechanical means.
3) A herbicides mixture of 2,4-D @ 2 kg a .i/ha + paraquat @ 2 kg ai/ha spray is very effective because of their translocative and contact action, respectively.
4) In case of maize or sorghum field application of Atrazine @ 1.5 kg ai/ha as pre-emergence application is effective. Atrazine prevents seedling emergence of Parthenium in cereals for at least six month.
5) In cowpea, guar, groundnut and orchards. DSMA @ 2kg ai/ha as post emergence, while in vegetables and banana fields. Alachlor @ 2 kg ai/ha and in case of root crops Nitrofen @ 2kg a i/ha is very effective.
6) Application of Diqaut @ 2 kg ai/ha kills 100% Parthenium weed withing 15 days.
7) By cultivating, quick growing crops like sunhemp for green manuring smothers the growth of this weed.

Current Category » Weed Management