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Control of Grass Lands and Tur (Lawn) Weeds

Control of Grass Lands Weeds:

Grasslands are largely mismanaged and uncared in India. They are full of shrubby and herbaceous weeds that are unpalatable and many a time harmful to animals. Weed control in grasslands should be supported with
a) Controlled and deferred grazing
b) Proper fertilization
c) Gap filling or reseeding
d) Soil and water conservations. Mechanical methods of weed control like cutting, burning, mowing can be followed. Biologically prickly pear has been controlled successfully by insect. Herbicides like 2,4-D , Diuron, Simazine are used to control annual weeds. Whereas, Dalapon, Silvex, MCPA, are used to control perennial weeds.

Control of Tur (Lawn) Weeds:

Proper mowing, fertilization and watering are three fundamentals of good lawn management chemical weed control and in development of dense turf by stunting the weeds or preventing their occurrence. In the beginning one should plant only weeds or preventing their occurrence. In the beginning one should plant only weed free lawn seeds of grass while establishing a new lawn. Pre planting soil fumigants kill all weeds E .g MB, C-S2, Metham, DMTT etc Foliar application in established lawn with herbicides like 2,4-D , dicamba, Silvex, Picloram, 2,4-D + EPTC can be adopted. Soil application before weed emergence in established lawns with Atrazine, trifluralin nitralin, bendone, DMPA.

Time, frequently and height of mowing have to do much with weed control and growth of specific lawn grass. Both too close and too high mowing allow the weeds to become vigorous . similarly fertilizers should not applied to weedy lawns without first spraying of appropriate herbicide.

Current Category » Weed Management