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Current Category » Farming Systems & Sustainable Agriculture

Classification According to Degree of Commercialization

Depending Upon the Produce Sold in the Market for Earning Money:

a) Commercialized farming.

b) Partly commercialized farming &

c) Subsistence farming.

a) Commercialized Farming: More than 50% of the produce is for sale.

b) Partly Commercialized Farming: More than 50% of the value of produce is for home consumption.

c) Subsistence Farming:

Virtually there is no sale of crop and animal products, but used for home consumption. Subsistence farming is a type of farming where the farmers of our country cultivate the crop in their land for the livings. Hence, the holding is small in size; so improved method of cultivation is not possible. They fail to meet the total requirement. They reared cattle, poultry, along with crop cultivation in limited land meet their requirement.


1. Utilizing productive resources profitably.
2. Farmers with their family members engaged though the year as they rearing cattle, poultry etc.
3. Farmer meet their demand from the income from cattle, poultry etc.
4. by product used properly.


1. Fails to adopt improved crop cultivation technique do to small holding.
2. Cultivation mainly depends on monsoon rain.
3. Procurement of seed, fertilizer as and when required is difficult.
4. Income of this f
arm is very low.

Current Category » Farming Systems & Sustainable Agriculture