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Special Weeds in Cropped Areas – Gagar Gavat or Congress Grass

Gajar Gavat or Pandharphuli (Congress Grass):

(Parthenium hysterophorous):

It is an annual weed profusely growing in fallow land, farm boundaries, road side etc. long seed dormancy, and more seed production.


Uprooting the plant before flowering 2-3 seasons, repeat it.


2.4-D @ 2 kg/ha in 450 lit of water. Post emergence translocated killer is ANSAR 529 at all growth. Stages without regeneration of treated parts.

For young Plants:

5 lit Ansar 529, Matured plants 7.5 lit Ansar 529 with 1.5% solutions 500 lit. water. Post-emergence application 2.5 kg/ha of Reglone, 2.5 kg 2.4D (Fernaxone) in 700-800 lit water per ha. Repeat the spray.

Current Category » Practicals on Weed Managemet