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Unfruitfulness associated with External and Internal Factors

Some Definitions:

In an orchard all the fruit trees do not bear equally or regularly. Some times one fails to bear at the same time another tree under similar conditions produces a heavy crop. This problem may be due to failure to set fruit, unfruitfulness and activity.

The following terminology is useful in understanding the problem of unfruitfulness.

1. Fruit Set:

The changes which mark the transition (stage) of flower into young fruit is called as Fruit set. 


The development of ovary and adjacent tissues following the blossomiting is called as Fruit set.

2. Fruitfulness:

The condition in which plant not only blossom and set the fruits but carries it upto maturity then the condition is called as fruit fullness fertile fruits plants are necessarily be fruitful and all the fruitful plants need not be fertile.

3. Unfruitfulness:

When the tree produces abundant flowers, set the fruits, but unable to carry them upto maturity is known as unfruitfulness.


When plant produces abundant flowers, set the fruits but there is no fruiting, at all then such conditions is called as unfruitfulness.

4. Fertility:

It refers to the ability of the plant not only to set and mature fruits but to develop viable seeds. 

5. Infertility Or Sterility:

It refers to the ability of the plant to set and mature fruit without viable seed.

6. Self Fruitfulness:

It indicates the ability of plant to mature fruit without aid of pollens from some other flower, plant or variety and those plants are self fruitful plants.

Current Category » Introduction to Horticulture