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Current Category » Silviculture and Agro Forestry

Site Preparation for Regeneration of Forest

The site preparation is used to create an environment suitable for establishing the desired tree species

1) To get rid-off logging slash or other debris
2) Reducing competition and animal habitat
3) To prepare a mineral soil seedbed
4) To improve drainage of surface and upper soil horizons and reduce the compaction
5) To create a more favorable micro site on harsh sites
6) To take measure to control disease.

Site Preparation Methods:

Following four methods of the site preparation are commonly used all over the world:

i) Mechanical
ii) Prescribed Burning
iii) Chemical and
iv) Combinations of the three.

i) Mechanical Method of Site Preparation for Regeneration: There are several methods employed for carrying out the site preparation mechanically. Following are some of the common mechanical methods:

a) Logging: This is the most common practiced method of site preparation. In this method, logging equipment is used for removing the vegetation and slash.

b) Scalping: This is nothing but the site preparation by hand cleaning.

c) Mechanical Cleaning: In this method self-propelled or the tractor drawn equipment are used.

ii) Prescribed Burning: Fire is a nature's principal method of preparing sites for a new stand.

iii) Chemical Method: The herbicides may be used in new burns and the cuttings, non or poorly stocked parts of plantations, or in existing bushy fields.

Current Category » Silviculture and Agro Forestry