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Current Category » Vegetable Production - Olericulture

Insect and Pest Management of Legume Vegetables

1. Aphids:

It is most destructive pest of legumes vegetable. These are very small insect and infest the leaves, stem and pods and suck the cell sap. In case of severe infestation, the infested parts dry up and there may not be any pod formation.

Control Measures:

This insect can be controlled by spraying the crop with Dimethoate (Rogor 30 EC) or Oxidomition Methyl (Metasystox – 25 EC) or methyl Parathion (Metacid 50 EC ) @ 1 ml or Phosphamidon ( Demicron – 100 EC ) @ 0.5 ml per liter of water when the infestation is noticed.

2. Pea Pod borer:

The insect bore into pods and feed on the grains inside.

Control Measures:

Spraying the crop with Fenthion 0.05 percent and Phosphamidon 0.03 % can control this pest.

3. Pea Weevil:

 The crop may become infested either in the field or in storage or in both places. It lays eggs on the young pods and leaves bore the seeds where they complete their development.

Control Measures:

Dusting the crop at blossoming time with one percent rotten one or 10 percent DDT can control this pest.

4. Leaf Eating Caterpillar:

The caterpillars feed on leves generally during morning and evening and defoliate the plant.

Control Measures:

Dusting the crop with BHC or DDT 10 % @ 8 to 10 kg per acre or spraying the crop with Endosulphan (Thiodane 35 EC) @ 2 ml per liter of water has been found effective in controlling this pest.

Current Category » Vegetable Production - Olericulture