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Reading Behavior of Rural People and Rural Libraries

The rural population include and neoliteratres. There is undoubtedly some different between reading habit of rural and urban masses, which include greater percentage of highly literate and literate individuals. The rural people read literature published mostly in local language the time spent on reading, source of reading material, consistency in reading habit and the filed of liking. The study of reading behavior of rural people can give insight in using the print media as a means for establishing communication link with them.

The traditional meaning of library is collection of books for reading, catering the needs of various selection of the society.

However in rural areas the libraries can effectively perform the role of center for disseminating knowledge not only through reading material but also through other media of communication, which can enhance the knowledge of rural people in the fields of their interest. The process of continuous education of neoliterates and providing platform for non formal education are the important function of rural libraries.

Current Category » Agricultural Communication & Journalism