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Current Category » Introduction to Extention Education

Objectives of Extension Teaching Methods

The Extension Teaching Methods are useful for:

1. Approaching village people.

2. Working with village people.

3. Encouraging village people.

4. Influencing village people.

5. Attracting their attention towards improved practices.

6. Arousing and developing their interest.

7. Convincing the people to adopt improved practices.

8. To provide communication so that the learner may see, hear and do the things to be learnt.

9. To provide stimulation that causes the desired mental and physical action.

10. To take the learner through one or more steps of teaching, learning and adoption process i.e. to arrange situation in which the farmer, farm, woman, boy or girl may see or hear about and to the things to be learnt and adopted.

11. To involve village people to build their organization.

12. To guide village people to build their organization.

13. Spread of information about new practices.

14. To improve extension education and increase opportunities for information to people.

Current Category » Introduction to Extention Education