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Current Category » Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology

Classification of Social Groups - According to the Nature of Membership

Here nature or type of membership is taken into consideration e.g. whether the membership is optional or voluntary or compulsory. This depends upon the mode of entrance to the members. The members limit themselves to their own interest.

a) Voluntary Groups:

In these type of groups, the membership is voluntary and members have no compulsion to participate in the activity of the group. The withdrawal from such groups is also on voluntary basis. E.g. Gossip groups friendship group, youth organization, and library.

b) Non-voluntary Groups:

In these types of groups membership is compulsory and members have no choice. Social conversions and traditions rather than personal choice determine the relationship as observed in a family. Every one borne in a family has to function as a member of a family by compulsion E.g. Caste group, National group, Religion group, Sex group, Age groups etc.

Current Category » Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology