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Classification of Social Groups - According to the Territorial Limitations

Here the limit territory in which the group is functioning is taken into consideration. These groups work in defined territorial limits and they have fixed boundary.

a) Natural Territorial Group:

These are the groups were territorial limits have been fixed by nature. Those groups are formulated by their natural similarities and boundaries. There boundaries and limits are fixed by geographic and climatic situations. E.g. Region.

b) Artificial Territorial Group:

Here the territory is fixed artificially by man on functional basic e.g. Village, Taluka, District, State etc.

c) Non- Territorial Groups:

Here the natural and artificial territorial limit do not play any part. This group has a common functioning in all most all parts of the world and they do not take into consideration any limitation of other types e.g. UNO, FAO, Red Cross, International Trade Unions etc.

Current Category » Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology