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Current Category » Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology

Classification of Social Groups - Based on Personal Feeling of Belonging

According to this criteria the group has been classified into

1. In-group and

2. Out-group.

1. In-group:

In group is a group either primary or secondary towards which persons have a solidarity, loyalty, friendliness and co-operation. Such groups are characterized by the expressions “We belong, we believe, we fell, we act or my family my neighborhood, my club, my association. In-group attitude contra constrains some elements of sympathy and sense of attachment or obligation to the other members of our group.

2. Out-group:

An out group is defined by the individual with relation to the in-group usually expressed in the contrast between them and us. Every group is conscious that other groups are those to which we do not belong or not with us. We are democrats. They are Communist, we are Hindus, we are Muslims, we are Brahmins, and they are Harijans. A person has no sense of loyalty, sympathy, co-operation while they have sense of indifference even antagonism to the members of out-groups.

Current Category » Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology