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Current Category » Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology

Classification of Social Groups - Based on the Type and Quality of Relationship

Similar to the concept of primary and secondary groups, the group has been classified into:

1. Gemeinschaft Group

2. Gesellschaft Group

1. Gemeinschaft Group:

Here is the society which most relationship are traditional or personal or after both e.g. Zamindar system in India. In which landlords had his tenants who were personally known to him and who had obligation for their welfare and to whom tenants fulfilled certain obligations. In such groups written documents or contracts were not present while traditional pattern existed and was accepted by society.

2. Gesellschaft Group:

It is a society in which neither personal attachment nor important or traditional rights obligations and duties. Relationships are based on bargaining and clearly defined agreement. This society flourishes in urban area and business organizations or associations of whole salers.

Current Category » Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology