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» Water Management Including Micro Irrigation
» Principles of Agronomy
» Agricultural Meteorology
» Rainfed Agriculture
» Farming Systems & Sustainable Agriculture
» Practicals on Weed Managemet
» Crop Production - Rabi Season
» Weed Management
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Principles of Agronomy

1. What is Agriculture?
2. Scope of Agriculture
3. History of Indian Agriculture - Early Development:
4. History of Indian Agriculture - Historic Developments
5. Important Events in Early History of Agriculture
6. History of Agriculture as a science
7. What is Agronomy?
8. Relationship of Agronomy with other Sciences
9. Agronomist - Role of Agronomist
10. Introduction to Principles of Agronomy
11. Divisions of Plant Kingdom
12. Classification of Crop Plants
13. Agricultural Seasons in India & Maharashtra
14. Factors Governing Crop Production or Affecting Crop Growth
15. Internal or Genetic Factors
16. External or Environmental Factors
17. External or Environmental Factors – Water and Plant or Biotic factors
18. External/Environmental Factors- Anthropic/Management or Skillfull Mgt & Climate
19. Tilth and Tillage
20. Tilth and Tillage - Objects of Tillage
21. Tilth and Tillage - Factors Influencing Preparatory or Tillage Operations
22. Tilth and Tillage - Effects of Tillage on Soil & Plant growth
23. Tilth and Tillage: Types of Tillage Operations
24. Tilth and Tillage- Tillage Operations and Implements
25. Tilth and Tillage- Modern Concepts of Tillage
26. Seeds and Sowing
27. Seeds and Sowing - Seed Germination
28. Seed and Sowing- Factors Affecting the Germination
29. Seeds and Sowing- Seed Dormancy
30. Seed and Sowing- Methods to Break the Dormancy
31. Seed and Sowing- The Indian Seed Act (1966)
32. Seed and Sowing- Multiplication & Distribution of Seeds
33. Seed and Sowing- Seed Testing
34. Seed and Sowing- Seed Production Organizations
35. Seed and Sowing- Seed Testing Laboratories
36. Sowing Of Seed : Seed Rate
37. Sowing Of Seed – Seed Treatment
38. Sowing Of Seed – Sowing Time, Depth of Sowing, Spacing and Plant Population
39. Sowing of Seed – Methods of Sowing
40. Systems Approach
41. System Approach- Farming System
42. System Approach- Types of Cropping
43. System Approach- Crop Rotation
44. Syatem Approach- Crop Mixtures or Mixed Cropping
45. Difference between - Inter Cropping & Mixed Cropping
46. System Approach- Fallow in Rotation
47. “Cotton – Sorghum – Groundnut” Is The Best Crop Rotation
48. Criteria Determining Harvesting a Crop and Preparation for Marketing
49. Threshing & Winnowing
50. Weeds and Their Control
51. Weeds & Their Control- Classification of Weeds
52. Damages Or Losses Caused By Weeds or Disadvantages of Weeds
53. Benefits Or Advantages Derived From Weeds
54. Dispersal Or Dissemination Or Spread Of Weeds
55. Principles Of Weed Control
56. Weed Control Methods
57. Soil Fertility And Productivity
58. Manures and Fertilizers
59. Classification Of Manures And Fertilizers
60. Factors Influencing The Composition of FYM
61. Compost & Composting
62. Green Manuring
63. Artificial Or Chemical Or Inorganic Fertilizers
64. Fertilizer Mixtures (FM)
65. Precautions To Be Taken While Preparing Fertilizer Mixtures
66. Methods Of Fertilizer Application
67. Application Of liquid fertilizers
68. Soil
69. Soil- Components Of Soil Or Phases Of Soil
70. Classification Of Soils
71. Soil Groups Of India
72. Physical Properties Of soil
73. Soil Property- Soil Structure
74. Soil Property- Density Of Soil
75. Biological And Chemical Properties Of Soil