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Agricultural Meteorology

1. Introduction to Meteorology
2. Agricultural Meteorology and Its Levels
3. Importance and Scope of Meteorology
4. Importance and Scope of Meteorology in Agriculture
5. Weather and Climate and Its Difference
6. Climatic Controls
7. Earth’s Atmosphere
8. Agricultural Meterology - Aerosols
9. Non Variable and Variable Components in Atmosphere
10. Compositional Layering of the Atmosphere
11. Physical Structure Of Atmosphere
12. Solar Radiation and Its Terms
13. Laws of Radiation : Plank’s Law,Stefan Boltzman’s Law,Weins displacement Law,Kirchoffs Law
14. Solar Constant
15. Albedo
16. Green House Effect
17. Radiation Balance or Net Radiation
18. Factors Affecting Solar Radiations
19. Significance Of Radiation In Agriculture
20. Atmospheric Temperature
21. Temperature Variation
22. Factors Affecting the Air Temperature
23. Soil Temperature and Its Importance
24. Variations of Soil Temperature
25. Thermal Properties of Soils
26. Daily and Seasonal Patterns Of Soil Temperature
27. Soil Temperature Profiles
28. Factors Affecting the Soil Temperature and Its Control
29. Air Pressure
30. Variation in Atmospheric Pressure
31. Wind and It's Importance
32. Wind Direction and Wind Speed
33. Earth’s general circulation system (Surface wind)
34. Foehn Winds
35. Monsoon Wind
36. Forces Acting to Produce Wind
37. Cyclone and Anticyclone
38. Atmospheric Humidity
39. Variation in Relative Humidity
40. Clouds, It's Types and Their Classification
41. Forms Of Condensation
42. Hydrological Cycle
43. Precipitation and Forms of Precipitation
44. Drought and Its Classification
45. Weather Forecasting and Its Classification
46. Importance or Significance of Weather Forecast in agriculture
47. Crop Models and Its Techniques