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» Introduction to Agriculture Economics
» Economics of Natural Resources & Farm Management
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Economics of Natural Resources & Farm Management

1. Natural Resources and Economic Development
2. Guiding Principles of Resource Development
3. Natural Resources - Land Resources
4. Natural Resources - Water Resources
5. Natural Resources - Fisheries Resources
6. Problems of Inland Fishery
7. Natural Resources - Forestry Resources
8. Development Programmes of Forests in Five Year Plans
9. Plan Outlay
10. Meaning of Farm Management
11. Scope of Farm Management
12. Nature and characteristics of Farm Management Science
13. Farm Management Decision
14. The Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns
15. Law of Equi Marginal Returns
16. Law of Substitution or Principle of Least Cost Combination
17. Principle of Combing Enterprise
18. Cost-type and Concepts
19. Cost Concepts and Items of Cost
20. Cost of Cultivation and Cost of Production
21. The Law of Opportunity Cost
22. Law of Comparative Advantage
23. Farm Planning
24. Characteristics (Attributes) of a Good Farm Plan
25. Farm Budgeting : Partial budgeting and Complete Budgeting
26. Advantages of Farm Budgeting
27. Alternate or optimum Farm Plan
28. Farm Records and Accounting
29. Advance (Importance) Farm Records & Accounts
30. System of Book Keeping