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Silviculture and Agro Forestry

1. Introduction to Forest in India
2. Functions and Types of Forest in India
3. Branches of Forestry
4. Definations and Terms used in Forestry
5. Silviculture
6. Forestry and Its Branches
7. Classification of Forests
8. Forestry - Definition and Types of Forestry
9. Extent of Forest in India
10. Functions of Forests
11. Productive Functions of the Forests
12. Protective and Ameliorative Functions
13. Recreation and Educational Functions
14. Developmental Functions
15. Problems and Constrains in Forest Development
16. Forest Types in India
17. The basis for Classification of Forest Types
18. Branches of Forestry
19. Silviculture
20. Foundation of Silviculture
21. Object of Silviculture
22. Silvicultural Systems
23. Classification of Silvicultural System
24. Silvicultural System of Concentrated Regeneration
25. Silvicultural Systems of Diffused Regeneration
26. Silvicultural Accessory Systems
27. Coppice System of Silviculture
28. Regeneration of Forest
29. Site Preparation for Regeneration of Forest
30. Factors Affecting the Choice of Forest Regeneration Method
31. Natural Regeneration of Forest
32. Regeneration by Artificial Method
33. Methods of Seed Collection
34. Flowering Habit, Time of Seed Collection, Seed Extraction and Cleaning of Trees
35. Seed Testing and Seed Certification and Storage of Seed of Forest Trees
36. Forest Nursery – Introduction to Nursery and Objective of Nursery
37. Classification of Nursery for Forestry
38. Selection of Site for Nursery and Fencing of Nursery Site
39. Layout of Nursery for Forestry
40. Sowing, Cultural Practices and Seed Treatment for Bare Rooted and Containerized Seedlings
41. Care, Protection and Conditioning of Bare Rooted Seedlings
42. Raising Seedlings in Container
43. Regeneration of Teak Wood
44. Regeneration of Bamboo
45. Post-Planting Cares of Social Forestry Plantation
46. Tending Operations in Silviculture
47. Objectives of Tending Operation - Thinning
48. Method of Tending Operation - Thinning
49. Factors Affecting Tending Operation Thinning Practices
50. Introduction to Afforestation
51. Definition and Benefits of Afforestation
52. The Problem of Deforestation
53. The Effects of Deforestation
54. Remedies of Deforestation
55. Afforestation of Roadsides
56. Afforestation of Areas of Major and Minor Irrigation Tanks and Ponds
57. Afforestationof Degraded Areas
58. Afforestation of Village Common Land by Creating Woodlot
59. Afforestation of Canal Banks or River Banks
60. Afforestation of High Tension Electric Lines
61. Afforestation of Railway Line Sides
62. Summary of Area of Problematic Lands in India
63. Classification of Timber and Non-Timber Industries
64. Wind Breaks and Shelter Belts
65. Tree Afforestation Program or Practices
66. Introduction to Agroforestry
67. Meaning of Agro-forestry
68. Objective of Agro-forestry
69. Choice of Species for Agro and Farm Forestry
70. Kinds of Land and Site for Agro and Farm Forestry
71. Scope of Agro-forestry In India
72. Benefits from Agro-forestry
73. Limitations of Agro-forestry
74. Socio-economic Aspect of Agroforestry
75. Classification of Agro-forestry System
76. Multispecies Tree Gardens and Alley Cropping (Hedge Row Intercropping)
77. Improved Fallow Species in Shifting Cultivation
78. Multipurpose Trees, Forest tree Combination with Plantation Crops and Agroforestry Fuel Wood Production
79. Shelter Belt and Wind Break
80. Soil Conservation Hedges
81. Silvipastoral Systems (Tree+ pasture/animal)
82. Agri-Silvipastoral System
83. Other Agroforestry System
84. Classification of Agroforestry Based on Arrangement of Components
85. Classification of Agro-forestry System on Functional Basis
86. Classification of Agro-forestry System on Socio-economic Basis
87. Introduction to Social Forestry
88. Social Forestry Practices
89. Benefits of Social Forestry
90. Taungya System
91. Botanical Name, Common Name and Uses of important Forest Plants
92. Botanical Name, Common Name and Uses of important Forest Plants
93. Forest Tree Species Used for Different Purpose
94. Timber Species Recommended for Sports Goods