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» Introduction to Horticulture
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Introduction to Horticulture

1. Definition and Branches of Horticulture
2. Importance of Horticulture
3. Scope of Horticulture
4. Nutritive Value of Fruits and Vegetables
5. Still Area under Fruit Cultivation is not increasing at Faster Rate Why?
6. Classification of Horticultural Crops
7. Classification of Horticultural Crops Based on Growth Habit and Physiological Character
8. Classification of Horticultural Crop Based on Life Span of Plants
9. Classification of Horticultural Crops Based on Whether they shed Leaves during a Portion of Year
10. Classification of Horticultural Crops Based on Climatic Requirements (Particularly Temperature)
11. Classification of Horticultural Crops Based on Season
12. Relation between Horticulture and Other Sciences
13. Classification of Horticultural Crops based on Use of Horticultural Plants
14. Classification of Horticultural Crops
15. Soil Requirements for Horticultural Crops
16. Climatic Requirements of Horticultural Crops
17. Climatic Zones of India
18. Indian Territory Divided on Basis of Climate as Below
19. Fruit Zones of Maharashtra
20. Propagation Methods in Plants
21. Sexual Propagation in Plants
22. Asexual Propagation in Plants
23. Plant Propagation by Cottage
24. Plant Propagation by Layering
25. Difference between Layering and Cutting
26. Plant Propagation by Specialized Structures
27. Grafting
28. Why Grafting and Budding
29. Methods of Grafting
30. Budding
31. Mist Propagation
32. Micro Propagation
33. Methods of Micro-propagation
34. Use of Rootstock in Fruit Crops
35. Limits of Grafting and Budding
36. Propagation Media
37. Containers for Growing Plants
38. Stock Scion Relationships
39. Effect of Stocks on Scion Cultivars
40. Effect of Scion on Rootstock
41. Essential Plant Nutrients for Horticultural Crops
42. Methods of Applying Manures
43. Micro – Nutrients
44. Time of Application of Manures and Fertilizers for Horticultural Crops
45. Following Points Should be taken into Consideration While applying Manures and Fertilizers
46. Irrigation Methods for Horticultural Crops
47. Cropping Systems in Horticultural Crops
48. Some Defination in Horticulture
49. Fruit Drop and Pre-harvest Fruit Drop
50. Time of Fruit Drop
51. Cause of Fruit Drop
52. Control Measures to Check Fruit Drop
53. Fruit Drop in Mango
54. Fruit Drop in Orange (Santra)
55. Fruit Thinning and its Methods
56. Unfruitfulness associated with External and Internal Factors
57. Genetic Factors for Unfruitfulness
58. External Factors for Unfruitfulness
59. Remedies to Control Unfruitfulness