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» Introduction to Horticulture
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» Production Technology Plantation Crops
» Production Technology of Spices
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Production Technology Plantation Crops

1. Importance and Area of Plantation Crops
2. Production Technology of Coconut
3. Importance, Composition and Uses of Coconut
4. Varieties of Coconut
5. Flowering, Floral Biology and Pollination in Coconut
6. Important Problems of Coconut Cultivation
7. Pest and Diseases of Coconut
8. Production Technology of Arecanut
9. Uses and Composition of Arecanut
10. Area and Production of Arecanut
11. Varieties of Arecanut
12. Curing and Processing of Arecanut
13. Pests and Diseases of Arecanut
14. Production Technology of Coffee
15. Uses, Area and Production of Coffee
16. Varieties of Coffee
17. Processing of Coffee
18. Preparation of Parchment Coffee/Washed Coffee and Cherry
19. Pests and Diseases of Coffee
20. Production Technology of Tea
21. Production Technology of Betelvine
22. Production Technology of Cashewnut
23. Propagation of Cashew Nut
24. Pests and Diseases of Cashew
25. Production Technology of Cocoa
26. Varieties of Cocoa
27. Uses of Cocoa
28. Fermentation, Drying and Polishing of Cocoa
29. Pests and Diseases of Cocoa
30. Production Technology of Oil Palm
31. Curing of Ginger
32. Pests and Diseases of Ginger
33. Package of Practices for Cultivation of Turmeric