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» Principles of Seed Technology
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» Introduction of Plant Biotechnology
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Principles of Seed Technology

1. What is Seed?
2. Role and Goal of Seed Technology in Crop Production
3. Seed Dormancy
4. Methods of Breaking Seed Dormancy
5. Principles of Quality Seed Production
6. Genetic Purity during Seed Production
7. Stages of Seed Multiplication
8. Seed Certification
9. Seed Certification Agency
10. Meaning of Seed and Its Importance
11. Difference between Seed and Grain
12. Concept of Seed Technology
13. Role of Seed Technology
14. Goals or Objects of Seed Technology
15. Seed Demand Forecasting
16. General and Genetic Principal of Seed Production
17. Important Factors Responsible for Deterioration of Genetic Purity of Crop Variety
18. Precautions for Maintaining Genetic Purity in Seed Production
19. Stage of Seed Multiplication Agencies Involved in Production
20. Quality Seed should have following Criteria
21. What is Nucleus Seed
22. What is Breeder Seed?
23. Foundation Seed and Registered Seed
24. Certified Seed and Truthful Seed
25. Source of Seed and Stages of Seed Multiplication
26. Principles of Quality Seed Production of Foundation and Certified Seed
27. Requirements of Certified Seed Production
28. Foundation and Certified Seed Production in Sorghum
29. Foundation and Certified Seed Production in Bajara
30. Seed Production in Hybrid Jowar and Bajara
31. Certified Seed Production of Hybrid Jowar and Bajara (AXR Line)
32. Foundation and Certified Seed Production in Tomato (Varieties, Hybrids)
33. Foundation and Certified Seed Production in Onion
34. Cultivation Practices of Seed Production of Often Cross Namely Cotton and Jawar
35. Cultivation Practices of Seed Production for Vegetables Namely Tomato, Okra, Onion and Potato
36. Seed Certification Procedure
37. Field Inspection in Seed Production
38. Crop Stage for Field Inspection in Seed Technology
39. Field Counts in Seed Technology
40. Procedure for Field Inspection
41. Field Inspection Report – In Seed Technology
42. Charges for Different Operations during Seed Certification
43. Seed Production Techniques in Castor
44. Seed Production Techniques in Sunflower
45. Production of Hybrid Sunflower Seed
46. Method of Hybrid –Seed Production
47. Hybrid- Rice Seed Production Technology (Three –Line System)
48. The Seeds (Control) Order, 1983
49. Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR)
50. Need for Plant Breeders Right
51. Comparison among UPOV Acts and Patents
52. Requirements for Plant Breeder Right
53. Extent of Protection by Plant Breeders Right
54. Breeders Exemption
55. Farmers Privilege and Farmers Rights
56. The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmer’s Rights Act, 2001
57. Futures of Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmer’s Rights Act, 2001
58. Procedure for Registration of Seed Variety
59. Air Distribution System in Seed Drying
60. Multiple Bin Storage for Drying
61. Crop Dryers
62. Factors Determining the Selection of Dryers
63. Calculations of Heat Capacity for Seed Drying
64. Types of Seed Dryers for Heated Air Drying
65. Use of Stirring Devices in Seed Technology
66. Recommended Drying Temperature, Air Flow, Seed Depths
67. Heated Air Drying
68. Maximum Moisture Content for Safe Storage
69. Seed Drying Methods
70. Principles of Cleaning Seeds
71. Method of Cleaning Seeds
72. Seed Cleaning Method - Pre-Conditioning and Pre-Cleaning
73. Seed Cleaning Method - Basic Seed Cleaning
74. Seed Cleaning Method - Basic Seed Cleaning
75. Air Screen Machine for Seed Cleaning
76. Maintenance of Air Screen Seed Cleaner
77. Seed Cleaning Methods - Upgrading the Quality of Cleaned Seed
78. Seed Testing Laboratory
79. General Principles of Seed Testing Laboratory
80. Space and Staff Requirements of Seed Testing Laboratory
81. Equipment Required for Seed Testing Laboratory
82. Management of Seed Testing Work
83. Probable Cause of Discrepancies in Seed Test Results
84. Seed Treatment
85. Types of Seed Treatment
86. Condition under which Seed Must be Treated
87. Seed Treating Products
88. Equipment for Seed Treatment
89. Seed Treatment - Colouring of Seeds
90. Causes of Poor Seed Treatments
91. Precaution in Seed Treatment
92. Seed Packaging and Handling
93. Seed Storage – Purpose and Stages
94. Storage of Seed on Plants
95. Storage from Harvest until Processing
96. Storage of Seed in Warehouse
97. Factors Affecting Seed Longevity in Storage
98. Factors Affecting Seed Aging
99. General Principles of Seed Storage
100. Temperature Control in Seed Storage
101. Seed Marketing
102. Factors Affecting Seed Marketing