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» Introduction to Soil Science
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» Soil Testing and Fetilizer Use
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Soil Testing and Fetilizer Use

1. Methods of Soil Fertility Evaluation
2. Definition, Objective and Philosophy of Soil Testing
3. Need for Soil Testing
4. Representative of Soil Sample
5. Preparation of Soil Sample
6. Requirement of Details on Lable of Soil Sample
7. Test for Soil PH
8. Factors Affecting PH Measurement
9. Method of Soil PH Measurement - Glass Electrode PH Meter
10. Electrical Conductivity
11. Measurement of Electric Conductivity
12. Organic Carbon
13. Forms of Soil Nitrogen
14. Forms of Phosphorus
15. Available Phosphorous
16. Extraction of Labile Soil Phosphorous
17. Available Potassium
18. Acidic Soils
19. Effects of Acidity on Plant Growth
20. Lime Reaction and Reaction of Calcite in Acid Soils
21. Limiting on Soils
22. Principle of Soil Testing for Lime Requirement
23. Correlation of Soil Test with Crop Yields
24. Soil Test Summaries
25. Importance ofPot Culture and Field Trials of Soil Test
26. Objectives of Soil Test Crop Response Programme
27. Soil Test Crop Responsible Correlation
28. Target Yield Fertilizer Recommendations
29. Calibration of Soil Tests
30. Preparation of Soil Test Summaries and Soil Fertility Maps
31. Preparation of Soil Test Results and Fertilizer Recommendation:
32. Irrigation Water
33. Principle of Determination of the Parameters
34. Interpretation of Results of Irrigation Water Analysis and Recommendations
35. Effect of Individual Ions Present in Water
36. Management of Soil Testing Laboratories
37. Use of Care of the Instrument in Soil Testing Lab