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Micro Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

1. Definition and Concept of Micro Irrigation
2. Historical Development in Micro Irrigation
3. Soil –Plant – Water – Relationships
4. Soil Water and Movement of Water in the Soil
5. Classification of Soil Water
6. Available Water to Plants
7. Location of Soil Moisture Measurement and Moisture Measuring Instruments
8. Meaning of Drip Irrigation
9. Drip Irrigation System - Components and their Function
10. Advantages and Disadvantages of Drip Irrigation
11. Emitters in Drip Irrigation System
12. Types of Emitters in Drip Irrigation
13. Information Require to Design of Drip System
14. Basic Hydraulics of Emitters in Drip System
15. Hydraulics of Drip Irrigation Lines
16. Steps in Design of Drip System at Farm
17. H.P. Requirement for Running Drip System
18. Definitions Related to Water Requirement to Plant
19. Water Requirement for Tree Crop (Wide Spaced)
20. Water Requirement for Row Crop (Close Spaced)
21. Models Design of Drip Irrigation System
22. Sprinkler Irrigation and Its Adaptability
23. Components of the Sprinkler System
24. Type of Sprinkler Systems
25. Definition in Relation to Sprinkler System
26. Advantages and Limitation of Sprinkler Irrigation
27. Drainage and Drainage Properties of Soils
28. Field Surface Drainage and Agricultural Drainage
29. Types of Drainage
30. Water Logging
31. Adverse Effect of Water Logging
32. Causes of Water Logging
33. Classification of Salt Affected Soils
34. Factors Influencing Drainage and Drainage Properties of Soil
35. Types of Land Requiring Drainage
36. Definitions Related to Drainage Engineering
37. Drainage Pore Volume
38. Drainage Co-efficient
39. Surface Drainage
40. Sub-surface Drainage
41. Factors to be Considered while Laying Sub-surface Drainage
42. Benefits of Drainage System
43. Units of Conversion