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Practicals on Technology of Milk & Milk Products

1. Sampling of Milk and Milk Products for Different Tests
2. Milk Testing - Platform Tests
3. Milk Testing - Clot on Boiling Test (COB)
4. Milk Testing - Alcohol Test
5. Milk Testing - Sediment Test
6. Milk Testing - Two Minutes Resazurin Test
7. Determination of Fat in Milking
8. Determination of Activity (Titrable Acidity) of Milk
9. Determine of Specific Gravity of Milk
10. Determination of S.N.F. (Solid Not Fat) and Total Solids of Milk
11. Study of Milk Cream Separator
12. Study of Cream Separation
13. Standardization of Milk
14. Preparation of Dahi
15. Preparation of Chakka and Shrikhand
16. Preparation of Butter
17. Preparation of Lassi
18. Preparation of Ghee
19. Preparation of Ice-cream by Hand Freezer
20. Preparation Kulfi
21. Preparation of Channa
22. Preparation of Paneer
23. Preparation of Khoa
24. Preparation of Basundi
25. Preparation of Rabri
26. Use of Detergents and Sanitizers in Dairy Industry
27. Commonly used Dairy Sanitizers Include Two Types
28. Detection of Adulteration of Milk, Khoa, Butter and Ice-cream
29. Freezing Point Determination of Water and Sucrose Solution
30. Freezing Point Determination of Milk
31. Detection of Addition of Skim Milk, Milk Powder or Partial Removal of Fat from Milk
32. Detection of Addition of Canesugar in Milk
33. Detection of Addition of Starch in Milk
34. Detection of Adulteration in Khoa
35. Detection of Adulteration in Butter
36. Detection of Cellulosocic Material Added in Ice-cream
37. Detection of Adulteration in Ghee
38. Visit and Study Milk Chilling Plant
39. Visit to Milk and Milk Products Processing Plant