Advantages and Disadvantages of Biopesticides

Advantages and Disadvantages of Biopesticides

Advantages of Biopesticides:

1. Host specificity.
2. Ability to multiply in the target cells.
3. No problem of toxic residue.
4. No evidence or absence of resistance.
5. No problem of cross resistance.
6. Conventional technique or methods for applications.
7. Permanent control of pest or long persisting effect.
8. Idealy suited for integration with most other plant protection measures used in IPM programme.
9. No fear of environment pollution and hence ecofriendly.

Disadvantages or Limitation:

1. High selectivity or host specificity.
2. Requirement of additional control measures.
3. The correct time of application.
4. Delayed effect or mortality.
5. Storage problem.
6. Difficulty of culturing in large quantities.
7. Short residual effectiveness.

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