Advantages of Microbial Control

Advantages of Microbial Control

1) Host specificity:

The relatively high degree of specificity of most pathogens tends to protect the beneficial insects.

2) Ability of Multiply in their Target Hosts:

When microbial pathogens applied through artificial dissemination for short term control of the pest the disease will persist and spread in the host population and initiate epizootics. They persist in the residual population and prevent pest resurgence. The microbial agents the target pest at low levels for several years.

3) No problem of Toxic Residues:

Microbial agents are usually harmless and non-toxic to other forms of life because they do not possess any toxic residues. The spray deposits on plant surfaces are quickly inactivated by UV radiation of sunlight.

4) No Evidence of Resistance:

Microbial do not create resistance problems either in target or non target species. The absence of resistance to a microbial pathogen, make the insect pathogens as idea pesticidal agents for their use in pest management programmes.

5) No Problem of Cross Resistance:

The pathogens do not show cross resistance with chemical compounds. They can provide relief in situation where insecticides have become ineffective due to pest resistance.

6) Conventional Techniques/Methods for Application:

The microbial pathogens are highly versatile in so far as the method of their application is concerned. The method of application through spraying or dusting could be done with usual application equipments.

7) Permanent Control of Pest:

On introduction of pathogen in target pest population and them its colonization brought about the permanent measure of pest control through their self dissemination within pest population.

8) Ideally Suited for Integration with most other Plant Protection Measures used in IPM Programmes:

Many pathogens are compactable with chemical insecticides, fungicides, biological agents and other methods of pest control like plant resistance pheromones, chemosterilants etc.

9) Production Technology:

Mass multiplication of the pathogen could be done with simple techniques which can be ideally suited for a cottage type industry.

10) No fear of environmental pollution and hence eco-friendly/environmental friendly measure as far as recent approach of man’s safety is concerned.

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