Advantages of Pollen Culture over Anther Culture

Advantages of Pollen Culture over Anther Culture

i) Overcrowding of pollen grains in anther is eliminated and isolated pollen grains are equally exposed to nutrient medium.

ii) Unwanted growth of diploid cells of anther wall and other associated tissue is eliminated.
iii) The stage of androgenesis can be observed starting from single cell.

iv) Various factors governing androgenesis can be better regulated.

v) Pollen is deal for uptake, transformation and mutagenic studies as pollen can be uniformly exposed to chemicals and physical mutagens.

vi) Pollen may be directly transformed into an embryoid. So it is very suitable for understanding biochemistry and physiology of androgenesis.

vii) Higher yield of haploid plants per anther could be expected in pollen culture than the anther culture.

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