Agri-Silvipastoral System

Agri-Silvipastoral System

(Tree Crops + Grain crops + animals) This is the system in which the forest tree crops for fodder like Anjan, Subabhul, Babhul, Tamrind, Hadga and Khejedi etc. are taken with intercrops of grasses like Stylo, Burssem, Haemeto are taken for fodder purpose as well as the food grain crop like Wheat, Rice, Jowar etc. are taken in between the strips of forest tree species. The forest tree species are planted at 10 to 12 m distance and in the lines the grasses and food grains are cultivated as intercrops.

Following are the Types of Agri-Silvipastoral System:

i) Home Garden:

This is one of the oldest agroforestry practices found extensively in high rain fall areas in tropical South East Asia (Kerala and Tamilnadu). Many species of trees, shrubs, Vegetables and other various plants are grown near about the home which supports the variety of animals. Fodder and legumes are widely grown to meet the daily fodder requirement of cattle. The waste material and wastes from home are used for fodder and barn waste is used as manure for crops. Every home stead has around 0.2 – 0.5 ha of land for personal production. These home gardens represents land use system involving deliberate use of multipurpose trees and shrub along with annual crops and animals within the compound of individual houses. This system is highly productive and extremely sustainable and practicable. In Kokari and Kerala following crops are taken in the home gardens. Mangifera indica, Cocus pucifera, Anacardiumofficinale (Cashewnut), Garcainia indica (Kokum), Arecanut, Tea, Coffee plus medicinal plants like Black pepper, Cardiamum, Allspice cumen etc.

ii) Woody Hedge Rows:

 In this system, various woody plants and shrub are grown in the form of hedges especially fast growing and coppicing. Fodder trees/shrubs are planted for the purpose of fodder for cattle, green manure and soil conservation. Prosopis juliflora, Anjan, Carisa carandes, Hadga, Bakan etc. are planted for hedges.

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