Agricultural Meteorology and Its Levels

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Agricultural Meteorology and Its Levels

1. J.W. Smith (1916) has defined Agricultural Meteorology as “Meteorology in its relation to agriculture”

2. It can be defined as the science investigating Meteorology, climates and hydrologic condition, which are significant to agriculture.

3. In short Agril. Meteorology is the applied branch of meteorology, which deals with the relationship between climates, weather and life and growth of the cultivated plants and animals.

Levels of Study of Meteorology:

Study of meteorology is organized at three levels.
1. Micro scale:
A process operating within vegetation canopies near earth surface its size is in few cm and Life span is few seconds.
2. Mesoscale:
The systems are approximately 10km in size and a lifetime is of few hours [up to5 hrs] eg. Thunder storm.
3. Macro scale:  It is divided into two scales.
A) Synoptic scale:
These systems have a diameter of few thousand km. and life time of about 5 days
Eg. Tropical storm, cyclones.
B) Planetary scale:
These systems have a diameter of 5000 to 10000km and persist for several weeks
Eg. Waves in the atmosphere circulation.

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