Agricultural Technology Management Agency (A T M A)

Agricultural Technology Management Agency (A T M A)

The ATMA at district level would be increasingly responsible for all the technology dissemination activities at the district level.  It would have linkage with all the line departments, research organizations, non-governmental organizations and agencies associated with agricultural development in the district. Research and Extension units within the project districts such as ZRS or substations. KVKs and the key line Departments of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Horticulture and Fisheries etc. would become constituent members of ATMA.  Each Research Extension(R-E) unit would retain its institutional identity and affiliation but programmes and procedures concerning district-wise R-E activities would be determined by ATMA Governing Board to be implemented by its Management Committee (MC).

Location of the Office:

The registered office of the ATMA shall be located at district collectorate premises.

Aims and Objectives:

The aims and objectives for which the ATMA is formed are:

1. To identify location specific needs of farming community for farming system based agricultural development;

2. To set up priorities for sustainable agricultural development with a Farming Systems Approach;

3. To draw plans for production based system activities to be undertaken by farmers/ultimate users;

4. To execute plans through line departments, training institutions, NGOs, farmers organizations and allied institutions;

5. To coordinate efforts being made by various line departments, NGOs, farmers organizations and allied institutions to strengthen research extension-farmers linkages in the district and to promote collaboration and coordination between various State funded technical departments;

6. To facilitate the empowerment of farmers/products through assistance for mobilization, organization into associations, cooperatives etc. for their increased participation in planning, marketing, technology dissemination and agro-processing etc.

7. To facilitate market interventions for value addition to farm produce;

To Attain this Objective, the Society May:

1. Take steps to ensure that problems, constraints and needs to the farming system based agriculture development are identified and diagnosed periodically.
2. Draw up plans for an integrated research-extension linkage approach for farming systems based agriculture development.

3. Ensure that lime departments/institutions draw up integrated development plan based upon resources available with them and incremental/supplementary resources mobilized by the ATMA.

4. Forge or develop systematic linkages between national/state/district institutions of excellence in the field of agriculture and marketing.

5. Ensure capacity building of manpower engaged in overall agricultural development and strengthen infrastructural support for the benefit of the farmer/producer.

6. Create suitable mechanism to ensure location specific adaptive, Indigenous knowledge based research.

7. Ensure adequate linkages and frequent interaction between scientists, extension functionaries and technicians and farmers, in order to prepare an integrated plan to effectuate their linkage, support each other, better understanding and appreciation of their problems, means adopted to sort out problems and plans etc. and to develop a mechanism of feed back;

8. Ensure capacity building of the ultimate users- the farmers in terms of physical, financial and skill resources base by way of adequate financial support channelized through credit institutions, private investments and training for skill up gradation.

9. Facilitate farmers’ organization to take lead role on mobilizing support services and resources.

10. Facilitate private investments for infrastructure development, private institutions have to take lead in the delivery of goods and services to ultimate users (farmers).

11. Facilitate the processing and marketing activities of the agricultural, livestock, dairy, poultry, silk and allied produce of the farmers with the help of private sector institutions.

12. Receive and expend project funds, maintain revolving accounts, enter into contracts and agreements, receive donations and provide services and deliver goods to beneficiaries.

13. Accept grants of money, securities or property of any kind and undertaken and accept the management of any endowment, trust funds or donations riot inconsistent with the objectives of the ATMA, on such terms and conditions as may be fitted with the objectives of the ATMA and be prescribed by the Government of India form time to time.

14. Generate resource in order to bring financial sustainability through charging for selected services rendered to beneficiaries by ATMA.

15. Create administrative, technical, ministerial and other posts in the ATMA and make appointments thereto in accordance with the rules and regulations of the State Government.

16. Make rules and bye-laws for the conduct of the affairs of the ATMA and add to amend vary or rescind them form time to time.

17. Do all such other lawful acts and things either alone or in conjunction with other organizations or persons as the ATMA may consider necessary, incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objectives.

18. To do all such lawful acts and things whether incidental to objectives tin force or not as may be requisite in order to furtherance of the objectives of the ATMA.

19. Sell, lease, exchange and otherwise transfer of any portion and the properties of the society (ATMA).

20. Do all other such things as may be considered by the society (ATMA) and may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of its objectives.

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