Agronomic Measures for Management of Scare and Costly Inputs

Agronomic Measures for Management of Scare and Costly Inputs

Agronomic becomes difficult due to mismanagement of scare and costly inputs like- soil, rainfall, irrigation water, fertilizer, seeds etc. soil provides physical encourages to plants and acts as store house for water and nutrients.

Thus, soil and water are the most critical basic resources so as to conserve efficiently as possible:

1. Adoption of soil and water conservation methods.
2. Management of irrigation water.
3. Good quality seed must be use.
4. Utilize suitable fertilizer and application of manure. Method and time of fertilizer application.
Low cost technology and non- monetary inputs.

Low Cost Technology:

The technology that does not need high cost- or – more investment are called Low cost technology.

1. Cultivar selection: Numbers of cultivar are high yielder of different crops, resistant / tolerate to pest and disease have been developed.

2. Time of sowing: In time seed bed preparation and timely sowings as per the season. (Kharif/ Rabi/ summer) for any crop, results in even and better germination, well establishment and their by minimize the crop loss.

3. Plant population: keeping the total palnt population constant inter and intra row palnt population can be adjusted to minimize the humidity buildup within the crop canopy.

4. Timely Intercultivation: Manual or- mechanical inter- cultivation suppresses the pest, diseases and weeds similar to that of preparatory tillage. Weeds that could be serving as alternate host to insect and pathogen can be effectively controlled by inter- cultivation.

5. Crop rotation: Helps as complementary effect, that legumes inclusion in system add the nitrogen and residue, thereby increases the water holding capacity of soil as well as reduction in infestation of weeds which are associated with crop and minimize the build of pest and diseases.

6. Strip cropping: inclusion of erosion permitting and erosion resisting crop help in conservation of moisture and increases in water intake.


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