In recent years, certain chemical safeners also called herbicide antidotec have proved more effective than the associated carbon.

E .g NA (1,8-naphthlic anhydride) is used as seed treatment in maize against EPTC and Butylate @ 0.5 gm per kg of seed.

Examples of Antidotes:

R-25788 –can be tank mixed with EPTC @ 0.6 kg/ha.

CGA -43089, CGA-92194 and MON-4606 can be used against carbamets and chloracetamide herbicides.

The antidotes act inside the plant by either completing with the herbicide molecules for a common site of action or by stimulation their metabolic de-toxification in the protected crop. The environmental factors like, temperature, soil moisture and soil type affect the field performance of antidotes.

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