Asexual Spore Fruits in Fungi

Asexual Spore Fruits in Fungi

1. Sporangium:

The type of spore fruit is a characteristic of the fungi belonging to sub division Mastigomycotina and Zygomycotina. It may be of different shapes, the commonest being the elliptical and the round. The elliptical sporangia are formed by the lower fungi belonging to subdivision Mastigomycotina, which are semi-acquatic in nature, while round sporangia are formed by terrestrial fungi belonging to sub division Zygomycotina. The spore produced two types of spores. Motile spores, which have flagella, are called zoosporangiospore, such spores are produced in fungi produced is sporangium is called Aplanospore produced in sub-division Zygomycotina.

2. Aecium:

It is a inverted cup like or bell shaped structure usually formed on lower surface of the leaf, consisting of binuclear hyphal cells producing yellow or orange coloured spores which are usually formed in basipetal manner called aeciosopores. 

3. Pycnidium:

Spherical or oval shaped spore fruit with short conidiophores lining inner side which
Bear spores or conidia called Pyncidiospores. The spore fruit usually have an opening is called ostiole. E.g. Phoma sp. and Phomopsis sp.

4. Acervulus:

It is compact mass of hyphae giving rise to short, simple hyaline condiophores, closely packed together forming cushion like mass with or without setae. It is also known as modified open sorus. E.g. Collectrotrichum and Gleosporium.

5. Sporodochium:

A spore fruit having cushion shaped Stroma, covered with conidiophores is known as sporodochium. The conidia formed inside and ooze out in sticky mass. E.g. Genus Nectria, Fusarium.

6. Coremium (Synnemata):

The hyphae, which form conidiophores and erect condiophores, grouped together to form coremia. Each Coremium consists of sterile stalk terminating into fertile hyphae bearing conidia. E. g. Stysannus thyroseides.

7. Sorus:

It is little heap like compact mass of sporophores and spore which usually are covered by epidermis. At maturity, the epidermis breaks and the spores get liberated. E.g. Smut and rust.

8. Pycnium:

A flask shaped structure containing Pyscniophores and spermatia. E.g. Rust Fungi.

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