Benefits Or Advantages Derived From Weeds

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Benefits Or Advantages Derived From Weeds:

1. Weeds when ploughed under, add nutrients, organic matter.
2. Weeds check winds or water erosion by soil binding effect of their roots (undirkani).
3. Useful as fodder for castles (Hariyali) & vegetable by human beings (Ghol, Tandulja).
4. Have medicinal value, Leucas aspera isused aga9inst snake bite, oil of satyanashi seed is useful against skin diseases, nuts of lavala are used in making scents (Udabattis/Incense sticks).
5. Have economic importance e.g.: saccharum spp used for makingthatches.
6. Reclamation of alkali lands (Satyanashi).
7. Serve as ornamental plants (Ghaneri).
8. Used for fencing (Cactus, Nagphana).
9. Used as mulch to check the evaporation losses of water from soil.
10. Used as green manuring & composting.
11. Fix atmospheric ‘N’ (Blue green algae, Tarota, Unhali, etc.)

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