Botanical Name and Economic Importance of Wheat

Botanical Name and Economic Importance of Wheat

Local Name                             : Gahu

Family                                    : Gramineae

Botanical                                : Triticum aestivum

Origin                                     : 1. Soft Wheat (Bread wheat) – Hindukush mountainous regions adjoining to India and Afganistan.

Economic Importance:

1. Wheat is the staple food of north Inidan people.
2. Wheat grains are grounded into flour (atta) and consumed in the form of chapatee i.e. 80 85%.
3. Soft wheat is used for making chapatee, bread, cake, biscuits, pastry and other bakery products.
4. Hard wheat is used for manufacturing rawa, suji and sewaya.
5. In areas where rice is a staple food grain, wheat is eaten in the form of puri and uppumav.
6. It is also used for making flakes and sweet meats like kheer, shira, etc.
7. Wheat grain is used for preparing starch.
8. Wheat straw is used as fooder, padding material and mulching material.

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