Botanical Name and Economic Uses of Gram (Chick Pea)

Botanical Name and Economic Uses of Gram (Chick Pea)

Local Name               :           Chana, Harbjar, Bengal gram
Family                      :           Leguminoceae
Botanical Name          :           Cicer arientinum
Origin                       :           South-West Asia

Gram is the most important rabi pulse crop grown in India. Rank first in area as well as in production of gram.

Economic Uses of Gram:

1. Tender leaves of young gram crops are used as vegetable.
2. The grain is eaten in raw or boiled as vegetable.
3. The grain is parched and eaten as futanas.
4. Dal is grounded in flour and used in preparation of Besan or Zunka, Shev, Chakli, Bhaji etc.    
5. It is also used for preparation of sweet meats like pura-poli, laddu,mysorepak, bundi, jilebi etc.
6. The malic acid (Amb) is collected from plants which have medicinal value against stomach ache.
7. The broken grains are largely fed to horse and the dried leaves and stalks are used as fodder for cattle.
8. It is a good source of protein and content 16-19% protein.
9. Germinated seeds are good source of vie-E.

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