Botanical Name and Economical Use of Potato

Botanical Name and Economical Use of Potato

Local Name: Aaloo, Batata

Family: Solanaceae

Botanical Name: Solanum Tuberosum

Origin: South America

Economic Importance:

1. Potato is an important cash crop which gives ready cash to farmers.
2. It is said to be ‘complete food’ as it contains carbohydrates, proteins, vit.  B. vit.  C and minerals like P, Ca and Fe required for body growth.
3. It is one of the major vegetable crop of the world.
4. It is the richest source of starch.
5. Its calorific value is high.
6. It produces more food per unit area than any cereal crop within short period.
7. In India it is used as vegetable alone or mixed with other vegetables.
8.  Various products prepared form potato are chips, finger chips, cubes, flour etc.

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