Branches of Forestry

Branches of Forestry

Forestry has five different branches:

1. Silviculture:
If refers to certain aspects of theory and practices of raising forests crops, methods of raising tree crops, their growth and after care up to the time of final harvesting.

2. Mensuration:
It deals with the measurement of forest produce ex. Dimension from volume, age and increment of individual trees and forest crop.

3. Silviculture system:
Process by which the crops constituting a forest are tended, removal and replaced by new crops

4. Management:
Practical application of sequence technique and economics to forest estate for the production of certain desired results

5. Utilization:
Branch of forestry which deals with harvesting, marketing conservation and applying the forest produce to a variety of uses eg. Timber, fuel, charcoal, pulp wood, ply wood.


The theory and practice of all that constitutes the creation conservation and scientific management of forest and the utilization of their resources, based on the aims or objectives, the forestry may be:

  1. Protection of Environmental forestry: Protection of land, regulation of water cycle, Wild life conservation Modernization of climate conditions, combination of above. Ex. Buddha Jayanti Park at New Delhi.

  2. Commercial or Production forestry: Timber and other raw materials.

  3. Social Forestry: Raising forests outside the traditional forest with the involvement of society.

  4. Farms Forestry: Raising forest trees on farms lands. It is further classified as:
  • Non commercial farm forestry: raising of trees by individuals for domestic needs (usually by the farmers)
  • Commercial farms forestry: Farmers grow trees on commercial basis on farmlands.
  1. Community forestry: Raising of forests of public or community land

  2. Urban forestry: Management of public and private owned lands in and adjacent to urban centres. They have more aesthetic value.

  3. Agro Forestry: Cultivating forest trees along with agricultural crops.

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